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Holly Terrens feat. colobs
Disaster Brings Me Home

Digital Release
2016/02/08 $1

composed & written by Holly Terrens
additional words by 紺エリコ

vocals and piano by Holly Terrens
additional vocals by 紺エリコ
additional keyboards and programming by D.D.
electric guitars by 隼マサカド
drums by 金子一裕
bass guitar by 木下正樹

recorded, edited & mixed by D.D. in JPN
film directed & edited by Adrian Goleby in Brisbane, Australia
filmed by Adrian Goleby & Luke McClean
hair and make up by Billie Weston

Japanese footage filmed by Tomoko Izumi (pertorika) and D.D.
choreography by Leilani Rose De Marco (The Palace Dance Studio NZ)
@ Mad Dance House Brisbane

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Independent Release (#knrc-02)
2014/12/01 ¥1,300

track list
01. いとしい日々
02. ふわりふわ
03. こころのけしき
04. garden
05. 風のつよい夜
06. ふわりふわ (dd-studio casiotone remix)

piano, vocals, toys & guitar by 紺エリコ
glass & percussion by ヨシモトヒトミ
voice & chorus by 音璃 (ototogi)
upright bass by 木下正樹 (ototogi)

all songs composed, written & recorded by 紺エリコ
edited, mixed & mastered by D.D.
illustration & design by 松田奈那子

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とんちんかんRecord (#TCK-001)
2014/02/01 ¥1,300

track list
01. ごはん
02. でたらめ
03. カーテン
04. aiaia
05. I say
06. であうたび

音璃 / vocal, chorus & acoustic guitar
木下正樹 / bass, gut guitar and percussions

support musicians
植村幸大 (馬浪マラカス団) / electric & acoustic guitar
竹内拓郎 (ツクモク) / electric guitar
ナカニシキュウ (エルカセット) / electric guitar
倉井夏樹 / harmonica
D.D. / keyboards
紺エリコ / piano
ジョー長岡 / piano
Wami / chorus
ミヤオヨウ (thai kick murph) / chorus
山田真未 (after the greenroom) / chorus
ヨシモトヒトミ (かくれんぼ) / percussions
U (U sus U, mujer) / drums & percussions
徳山大輔 (夕暮レトロニカ) / drums

all songs composed & written by 音璃
all songs arranged by ototogi & support musicians
recorded by 浅田将助, 加納”ゴロー”朋, D.D., 木下正樹
edited  & mixed by D.D.
mastered by 浅田将助, D.D.

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自主制作盤 (販売終了)
2011/12/24 ¥1,300

track list
01. キッチンのタイルの色
02. コインランドリー
03. 朝のキッチンスモーカー
04. 虹
05. お風呂のうた

piano, vocals & toys by 紺エリコ
bass guitar by 木下正樹 (ototogi)
drums by 曽根荒助

all songs composed & written by 紺エリコ
recorded, edited, mixed & mastered by D.D.

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